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Picnic's different, here's why



And able to rapidly launch new software to keep pace with our clients growth and the ever changing digital landscape. We love a challenge too and welcome the opportunity to build bespoke solutions to integrate with your existing systems.


...on one thing and one thing only - creating amazing software to support content distribution. We believe in simplicity and our dedicated approach enables us to develop platforms that dramatically improve our clients workflows.


Our team has been at the forefront of Digital Cinema since the very beginning so we understand the complexities, nuances and demands. This collective experience inspired us to launch Picnic and is the bedrock for all our current and future products.



Picnic's modules exist within the same framework but can be used independently of one another, click to discover more...


Campaign Management


KDM Management & Generation


Picnic’s CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT module is a collection of tools specifically designed for theatrical distribution that enables you to plan your entire release, collaborate with your vendors and take command of your deliverables


Task generated and easy to edit, Picnic’s interactive Gantt charts are a powerful way to visualise your project. Kick start your planning using one of Picnic’s release templates. Save your own templates and modify existing ones for rapid entry.


Collaborate in real time with Vendors, Distributors and Local Territory Offices.  Hierarchical task ownership and smart project groups ensure focused communication through your entire distribution eco-system.



Relying on multiple systems and spreadsheets for critical information is out dated and inefficient. Picnic provides a consolidated, live overview of your entire release from one single platform.



Upload and securely store all project related documents and ensure your colleagues and collaborators are accessing up to date files. Tag privileges to enable specific user access.

Drowning in Emails?

Picnic gives you instant access to the info you need without having to trawl through cumbersome email threads.

Innovative Features

  • User Defined Templates
  • Chat Feature
  • Intelligent Permissions
  • Hierarchical Task Structure
  • Custom Catch-up



Fully automated and end user facing, Picnic’s KDM BOOKING & GENERATION module is accessible, responsive and secure, allowing users to book with confidence.




Simplicity is achieved through sophisticated admin tools in the back end used to establish business rules in advance of each release. User permissions are set at a macro level giving content owners greater control and empowering distributors.



Picnic is self validating which means before the system generates a KDM it has to first prove that the target certificate is from one of the compliant server manufacturer signing chains. All signing chains are housed within the system which means it's impossible for Picnic to generate KDMs for non secure devices. 


Automated generation through Picnic's advanced architecture means KDMs are despatched within seconds. Picnic uses intelligent load balancing, splitting orders dependent on size across multiple queues. Additional virtual queues are deployed as the volume of orders increases, which means your order will never sit behind a backlog.  



Picnic assumes complete responsibility for the entire KDM ordering process with phone support and helpdesk available around the clock.



Picnic can integrate with your existing systems including MACCS via the DChub interface.



Fully redundant and perfectly synchronised, the platform is hosted at 3 tier 3 datacenters connected by privately owned dark fibre.


Understanding the unique demands of independent distribution

Picnic's innovative dashboard feature gives you total visibility of your territory distribution partners KDM ordering activity. You can adjust access privileges, define release windows and also run reports in an array of formats using live data. 


User Defined Templates   •   Quick Clone Feature   •   Enriched Global TDL with Screen Search   •  Rights Management   •  Live Multi-format Reporting


What our customers say about Picnic

Picnic saved us time and improved communications with our distributors. It’s easy to use and orders were managed with minimum fuss. The level of transparency really assisted with invoicing too.
— Jon Clifford - Timeless Films
I used the Picnic platform and found the service to be fantastic. The portal is really easy to use and server updates are done very quickly and efficiently. KDM’s are issues very fast and it was a pleasure dealing with the Picnic team.
— George Strong - Empire Entertainment