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KDM management simplified
Picnic is a fully automated, end-user facing KDM booking and generation solution that streamlines the ordering process. Accessible, responsive and secure, Picnic removes the headache all too often associated with KDM management, allowing users to book with confidence.


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We’re focused on one thing and one thing only - creating amazing software to support content distribution. We’re the only company specialising in KDM booking, management and generation and our dedicated approach enables us to provide our users the tools and support necessary for dynamic distribution and licensing.

Picnic rocket - fast


We’re fast

Automated generation through Picnic's advanced architecture means KDMs are despatched within seconds. Picnic uses intelligent load balancing, splitting orders dependent on size across multiple queues. Additional virtual queues are deployed as the volume of orders increases, which means your order will never sit behind a backlog.

Picnic secure servers


and secure

Picnic is self-validating which means before the system generates a KDM it has to first prove that the target certificate is from one of the compliant server manufacturer signing chains. All signing chains are housed within the system which means it's impossible for Picnic to generate KDMs for non-secure devices.

Picnic business rules


Business Rules

Picnic’s propitiatory admin tools simplify multi-client configurations, establishing client profiles and macro level business rules ahead of release. Driving efficiency and empowering your customers.

Picnic TDL


Comprehensive TDL

Unlike other KDM solutions, Picnic maintains it’s own global TDL, giving you immediate access to tens of thousands of screens. There’s no need to add your own sites or build your own theatre list, simply select the required sites from Picnic’s intuitive interface and you’re good to go. The Picnic Support Team are at hand 24 hours a day to carry out server updates and additions, eliminating the administrative burden for our users.

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Our solution, your brand...

Picnic’s user interface is fully customisable and can be skinned with your company’s branding - including all outgoing communications.

Active/Active Architecture

Fully redundant and perfectly synchronised to ensure 100% uptime. All traffic between sites and machines is encrypted at both ends

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Unique demands of independent distribution

We understand that coordinating multiple global partners is challenging so we developed a tool-set that gives content owners complete visibility of their distribution partners KDM ordering activity. Authorised users can modify access privileges and release windows, place partners on hold and run reports on market penetration.



Allow Picnic to generate and despatch KDMs via your existing booking system. KDM orders can be staged pending final approval or issued immediately without intervention. Our extensive API connects Picnic to commercial off the shelf systems such as MACCS as well as integrating with bespoke booking systems which we’re equally experienced at.


 What our customers say about Picnic

“Picnic saved us time and improved communications with our distributors. It’s easy to use and orders were managed with minimum fuss. The level of transparency really assisted with invoicing too.”

— Jon Clifford - Timeless Films

“I used the Picnic platform and found the service to be fantastic. The portal is really easy to use and server updates are done very quickly and efficiently. KDM’s are issues very fast and it was a pleasure dealing with the Picnic team.”

— George Strong - Empire Entertainment


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