How it Works


Step 1

We add the film title, meta data and film versions (if known) that you wish to license to your Picnic account.

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Asset 6@4x.png

Step 2

DKDM(s) are uploaded to our secure servers and Picnic will request confirmation of the clients/users that require access. New user profiles are then created with the appropriate permissions assigned. DKDM(s) are linked to their corresponding film versions within Picnic and are now live and ready to order against.


Step 3

Picnic will contact the requested users and provide login credentials, details of the title and versions they have access to as well as instructions on how to order.

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Step 4

Users can now begin placing orders, KDMs are autogenerated and delivered to cinema.


You’ll be able to monitor all KDM activity throughout the lifecycle of your releases, stage orders pending your approval, modify user permissions and run real time reports.